We’re celebrating The Hatfield House Garden show this weekend and can’t wait for TOMORROW (Saturday 31st May) when Paolo of Franchi Seeds (and his famous accordion) will be visiting The Oak Room in Stable Yard BETWEEN 10AM-12PM to share his knowledge of Italian seeds and play a little accordion just  for us!  Fresh from The Chelsea Flower Show, Paolo will be able to answer all your questions about growing the fabulous range of Italian Franchi seeds that we stock.

seedsThe Franchi brand is celebrating its 230th anniversary this year and is 7 generations still in the same family!  The seeds were voted ‘Best seed or plant company of the year’ last year, and they are the only seed company in the UK approved by the Vegetarian Society.  80% of Franchi seeds are produced locally but if you’re at all concerned that Italian seeds are not suited to our UK climate, do bear in mind that Italy is 74% Alpine (as opposed to being a Mediterranean country, it is a country in the Mediterranean, but an alpine country predominantly!) so the Franchi varieties are much hardier and more suitable to a UK climate. Paolo’s family come from Biella which has twice the rainfall of London but not too cold at -18c tops, his wife’s region in the Veneto goes to -30+ every year and higher up goes into the -40’s (in 2009 -47.3c!)

Looks like we should be fine then!