Our two little helpers had great fun trying out the new Hint of a tint Lip balm kit….

We have 2 kits available to buy on line. “Hint of a Tint” and “Light Shimmer” both priced at £15.99.

The kit contains everything you need to make 4 lip balms, so you can make one to keep and you get to give away 3 as presents. Pots, ribbons, bags and labels are all included.

The balms were really easy to make, the cocoa butter and beeswax melted effortlessly and the finished result was a really wearable lip balm.

The best thing was knowing exactly what went in to it the balm, and therefore what you were putting on your lips!

The kit contains:

  • Natural beeswax and nourishing cocoa butter
  • Pure organic essential oil for a wonderful scent – either orange or lemon
  • 4 lip balm pots, measuring beaker, wooden stirrer
  • Pearlescent colour powder – pale pink
  • 3 biodegradable clear gift bags, ribbon and labels for you to customise
  • Clear, easy to follow instructions

You will need sunflower or olive oil (we used olive oil) and a small pan.

NB: Ingredients require melting over heat and should not be used by children unless under adult supervision.

These kits come highly recommended by our testers!